Frequently Asked Questions

The 811 toll-free number gets the utility companies to locate their lines near your property, within the two days after you call them. However, their responsibility is limited to the mainline incoming to your property, usually up to the meter. From that point forward, you will need a private locator to identify the distribution of those lines within your property.

Yes! It is the Law! Don’t make a judgment call; make a phone call to 811. Every digging job requires a call, even “small” projects like planting trees and shrubs or installing a mailbox, landscaping, building a fence, a pool, or a pond. Don´t make risky assumptions and avoid costly fines and repair bills.

It is not possible to establish a standard time to locate services. It depends on ground and pipes conditions, total area to cover and buildings covered by those utilities, and even to weather conditions. Anyway, our staff may be able to give a better forecast after site observation.

First you have to call 811 two or three days before the working starts. Wait for the utility owners identify their lines and then you can call us to follow them inside your property.